Hi,I'm Pain

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Hi,I'm Pain

Post  Pain on Tue Apr 03, 2012 10:00 pm

~ яεain ~

Sup, my name is Pain. I've been playing mkw since the summer of 2011. My first character/vehicle combo was Bowser on the biggest kart in the game. Not a wise choice on my part. But later as I started watching videos about MKW, I came to realize that Funky Kong seemed like a good character to use. I beat every single one of my Time Trial records with FK. My first clan was TB. Lots of things have happened to TB since then. I've been in these clans:
TB(Top Bosses)(Former name)
4LS(4 Legendary Speeders)
UB(Ultimate Bosses)(Former Name)
nR (Nightmare Riders)
4BP(4 Best Players)
Ex(invited, declined)

I started hacking 3 months after starting to play mkw. I was always FTL, never FTW, I only started hacking so that I could stop any FTW I found. I recently retired from hacking because frankly, it got boring. My vr legit is 9999vr and my br was 9000+ until my license got deleted. I am a leader and founder of Re. I hope this clan will live on for a long time once I leave mkw in the very distant future. I am, on more than one course, only a few seconds off from a world record. Re 4 lyfe Cool


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