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Revenge Clan Thread <3

Post  Rε★Zaches on Sat Aug 25, 2012 12:35 pm


The Revenge Clan was formed in January of 2012 with the merge of 2 successful clans, HP (Hackers and Pros) and UB (Ultimate Bosses). We started out fresh with a new name and tag. But we got right into work. We started out with 60 members and we starting warring very soon after formation of it. We were starting to realize that we were going to be a very successful clan, which is exactly what we set out for. We decided to limit our members list so we could limit the list down to the most active and skilled players in the clan, which is what we have today.

★Clan Wars★

Clan wars are pretty frequent in this clan. However, don't get the idea that we war all the time (maybe once a weekend). Basically most or all of our clan wars are on Friday night - Saturday night, since these times seem pretty suitable for most people. People put in clan wars are decided by leaders and leaders only. Also, if a clan is good, we will put in our best members, although most of the time our wars are evenly spread out among members. We don't usually play by WCL rules, although we do play to a set of rules we created that is similar. (Playing by WCL rules can be requested). Here are our rules for wars:

➣ Absolutely no using ultra cuts. (Grumble volcano ultra, Mushroom Gorge ultra, etc...) The Grumble Volcano lava glitch and such glitches like those are allowed.
➣ No hacking. Accusation of hacking must have proof to back up what you say. If proof is shown and it's obvious, that clan will automatically forfeit and we will win.
➣ No trolling. (Slowing down to hit a member with all 3 of your reds). Each time a clan trolls, 10 points will be deducted from your score.
➣ Re-picks are allowed.
➣ Scores for both teams will be kept for record, so there shall be no lying about scores. Most of the time there will be pictures taken and a video as well.

Our clan war record:

29 Wins
0 Ties
7 Loses

To be in a clan war you must be available on skype and xat so we can talk easily.

If your interested in warring us, please post the application located below into a comment on the thread.

Clan name:
Clan tag:
How many people?
Specific war rules?
Host/host fc?
Other information:

★Clan Websites★

We have a couple clan websites for updates, communicating, etc... Here are our clan websites:

youTube: RevengeClanMK - YouTube
Xat: (Chat Site) RevengeClanMK chat group
Forums: Free forum : Revenge Clan MK

★Joining Revenge★

Revenge is not an easy clan to get into. There are NO exceptions made on the requirements. To get in the clan, you must have the following things:

➣ Access to skype frequently (this obviously means you need a skype as well)
➣ 9000+ VR (be able to maintain 9000+ VR as well)
➣ Have a 1+ star rank
➣ Be able to work with others efficiently
➣ A tryout

Not recruiting at the moment.

Name w/ Clan Tag: (яε is our clan tag)
youTube: (if applicable)
Tryout day: (Friday-Sunday are the only days good for us)
Tryout time:

Tryouts consist of one GP of races, and a set of balloon battles and coin runners. The tryout mainly based around skill, however, points do also count (just not as much as skill). If you are the best of the best in races and pretty good in battles, you will most likely make it in. If you don't make it in, feel free to post another application to try again a week later.








~ Fishguy - Had you in our clan from the beginning! You will be greatly missed.
~ Brian - You were in our clan for quite some time. You were everybody's friend. Unfortunately, you had to become less active on xat and MKW. Hope to see you again sometime!
~ San - Thanks for being funny! You were also a great leader. Good luck on the rest of your 'MKW Career'.
~ Awesom - I hope you get a new wii so you can come play with us again!
~ Birth/Hope - Thanks for being a good, loyal clan member, and being someone funny!

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